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Poems For National Poetry Day


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Guest Sycamore

Not the best poem but has been my reception class favourite for years:


As I was walking out one day

My head fell off and rolled away

When I noticed it was gone,

I picked it up and put it on!


Told you it wasn't good, but the children in my class ask me everyday if they can say it....a start to rhyming words can't be all bad!

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'Sit up straight,'

Said mum to Mabel.

'Keep your elbows

Off the table.

Do not eat peas

Off a fork.

Your mouth is full -

Don't try and talk.

Keep your mouth shut

When you eat.

Keep still or you'll

Fall off your seat.

If you want more,

You will say "please".

Don't fiddle with

That piece of cheese!'

If then we kids

Cause such a fuss

Why do you go on

Having us?


Spike Milligan

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Liked all I've seen so far!

I'm not working today, so started mine off yesterday with thinking about rhymes ready for today. One of my darlings - a real little handful, tho' bright as a button (why DO we say that?) cottoned on immediately and made up a lovely little poem, which we have decided to use in our newsletter for parents when we tell them about todays activities. I love it when your usual handfuls do something brilliant and you can really go overboard with the praise rather than grit your teeth and try to cope with the 'challenges'!! :o


Sue :D

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Am going mad with this new firewall, it keeps throwing alerts of different colours at me and spitting strange codes that want access to internet or pc so I'm dizzy!! Anyone know what 'back Web' is?????


Try this. HONEST it's his own work, we just discussed rhythm etc, beating out his words until it sounded right is why it scans quite well.


Tyler sat on the wall

Saw Molly in the hall.

Tyler gives Molly a call,

'Molly where's your shawl'


Well, I think it's good!


Sue :D

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My favourite poem to read aloud is Chocolate Cake, by Michael Rosen, but it may not be suitable for very littlies as it's quite long. It's great for hamming it up a bit, and the kids can really identify with the writer (a little boy who comes down in the night and eats all the chocolate cake in the kitchen cupboard!). You can get it from


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