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Years ago I wrote my own cos I hated "ellemenopee" being understood as the name of a letter. Unfortunately "alphabet boogie" is only in my head as I never wrote it down (the lyrics are pretty well known, it;s the tune that's not). You could have a go at that?? Adapt a tune you know and see if the alphabet scans into it.


Actually I can write it down for the rythmn of the piece.. try something akin to down in the jungle rythmn


a, b, c, d

e, f, then g,

h,i, j, then it's k,

l, m, then comes n,

o,p,q,r,s,t,u (crisp and stacatto)

v, w (hold on sustained note...



repeat until collapse.


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We use the same one as Marion - it's on the Letters and Sounds DVD with some actions to go with it.


Actually, I normally start singing and then realise I've got the wrong tune - didn't think about Bobby Shaftoe, won't get stuck again, Thanks Marion :o

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www.singup.org/songbank/song.php?id=152 (alphabet song) :o



www.singup.org/songbank/song.php?id=238 (alphabet athletics) not for the faint hearted! xD

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