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Dear all,


Can you pls give me a list of responsibilities you can delegate to staff so that all staff can feel valued and involved in the smooth running of the nursery i.e health and safety senco etc. :o


Thanks. xD

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H & S

Behaviour management

Inclusion Officer

Child pro Officer

Cupboard monitor

Travellling ted monitor

Lottery co ordinator

consumables monitor


cant think of any more at mo!


Thanks, but what is travelling ted :o

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I'm guessing that he might be a teddy that the children take turns to take home with them for a night or two? He needs a monitor so that he doesn't get lost??!!

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One of my staff used to write a termly Health Newsletter, she got a lot of satisfaction out of this and the parents found it useful, Ofsted liked it too. :o



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we also have the


- display co-ordinator - wall and table top

- resource co-ordinator

- out door play ressource

- student supervisor





we also sometimes have to make something up if we have to many staff and not enough roles as we like everyone to have a key role in the seting

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