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has any one had Osted in for a one day inspection to look at how they asses the children's progress towards the early learning goals. We will have one on 14th of Oct so any information would be most welcome, thanks


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Hi Fay, Our 1 day inspection lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes! So our experience could be a little different to what should happen. The inspector wanted to look at our planning, and wanted to know how we observe and then record what the children had done. She wrinkled her brow at our planning, flipped through the folder a few times and that was it. I presume she should of looked at evidence of childrens work against our ob sheets and assessment sheets. She did ask how we record stuff but didnt really seem to want to be there. In fact..... I havent got any useful information, but others will have! :D Good luck though :D

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we had one in last May, as we are sessional care she stayed for 1 full morning, arriving before the parents and stayed unitl about half hour after the end of session, she watched children and us during the session , how we intreracted and spoke to the children during the session.


She spoke to all members of staff asking them about the curriculum and if they were working on activites with the children what was the stepping stone we wre working towards, how it was planned and did we think it was working. This she checked with the planning we had provided on the wall where we display it. This obviously gave her insight into the fact that things were the same and not changed just for her visit, and that all the staff were aware of the ELGs and stepping stones ( the fact that we worked towards stepping stones rather than ELGs impressed her). She also spoke to the SENCO, equal opportunity rep. and H&S rep.


She looked at the observation/ progress books for the children and at anything we keep to show evidence of their progress ( each child has a folder with pictures, paintings etc completed over the period they are with us, which goes with teh child when they leave)



She then spoke to some of the parents when they collected their children to find out their views on the setting and if they were pleased with thier childrens progress. This was in addition to the written reports she had asked us to give to 5 parents for her to see.


She briefly looked at all the planning for that term while she was at the setting and then took away with her some planning from previous terms (chosen by her at random), photos, Senco files of two of the children with special needs, and any other paper work she felt she needed to look at in more detail. This proved to be quite a lot.


It was my morning off as manager and she was there when I went in at lunchtime for my afternoon shift. She returned mid morning next day to talk to me about the setting. She then discussed in detail the items she did not find we were documenting on paper, this varied and included how we dealt with equal opportunites and as we have children who have english as their second language how we helped them to feel that their own culture was valued by all.


She then spent about 40 minutes talking to us about her findings as it would be shown in the report and what the actions were we would need to improve our care.


We had a good report and only minor actions to take, but this was our second ofsted in 6 months as they messed it up, being due to make a combined visit but only doing one for Standards in Dec, Christmas week! ( this had a 'good' result and with no actions to be done).


it would be worth a visit to the Ofsted site to look at reports from othter settings, and see what they failed to do, or did well. Other settings in the area may have their reports on the site.


we also contacted Ofsted before hand to find out the name of the inspector so we could greet he by name when she arrived. This we fould helped as we were ensuring that we knew who was coming to the setting even if we didnt know when, although as she was a month later than we were told each time it became easier to predict.


hope this helps, all inspectors are different, and have their own ways, I have been through about 5 now everyone different, I wish you luck and a good result.


hope this is not too long :o




how do you know the date? we were given a period of a month when she could come and not a date.

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Fay are you in a school?

We recently took part in a one day HMI (now a division of Ofsted) survey on Reading. The inspector set the agenda detailing exactly what he wanted to see and when he was coming, although I think the actual date was not set very far in advance, although notification of the survey was quite long.

It was not a survey, it was a detailed inspection with similar outcomes. I would imagine your head, assuming you are in a school, has more knowledge as to what is required.

Good Luck.

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thanks Inge, no not to much detail.

Yes we are a school, is it favouritism? OH YES, I think they must like us, we had a full four day inspection this time last year.

My head knows nothing except the date and I have a letter sent last term to say they were going to come in to a number of settings locally to "evaluate the practitioner's assessment of children's progress towards the early learning goals." It would involve "discussion with parents, staff and children; observation of practice and 'scrutiny' of documents." So I presume it will be something like Inge's inspection. We have also been given a number for the head to ring to discuss arrangements but this seems to be a way down her list, and although I have tried, there is of course no answer. Thanks for good wishes I will report back when I find out more!

fay :

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Fay, our "survey" took the form of a whole day in school. He didnt leave until after 5.30pm, after feedback to senior staff and chair of Governors having spent the whole day observing lessons that he had stipulated, scrutinising planning and policies and talking with teachers. It was indeed a mini Ofsted.

Good luck.

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