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Little bit of history here....


Last year I spent a lot of time looking for and ordering new furniture for 2 reception classes- not tables and chairs but storage to put resources in for the children to access. To cut a very long story short one of the big educational suppliers have reallt messed us around so my HT sent all the furniture back as some of it was damaged- reordered- never arrived- wrong stuff sent and poor communication- including threating letters because we hadn't paid for faulty goods.


So now I have to start the process all over again.

Has anyone recently ordered any furniture- from where and did you get good service?


Really not looking forward to doing this again- but I know it will be worth it in the end. The whole school (we are only an infants) is going to be re furnished so we have to have a range that has options for Year R up to Y2".


Hope you can help



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Dont know if its waht you are wanting but we used Morleys and they were very good, helpful, and no problems with the items..

and early years direct also very helpful...


Both delivered when promised, fast and in good order



and yes community playthings.. but more costly than others and the other 2 had good quality goods.



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We got lots of our drawers and storage things from Willowbrook, as far as storage for children to easily access we used Hope Education and for tables and chairs, role play etc etc we used Yorkshire Purchasing. We have redone 2 reception classrooms and now onto outdoor area and whole school has been done using these suppliers. Lovely stuff

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