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Hi there everyone.


As everyone seems to be at the moment, I'm a bit frazzled about how much evidence to collect for tracking progress in Reception. My head is wanting to ensure that we are doing sufficient for looming Ofsted in a years' time. And that the progress we are tracking is accurate and rigourous. I am using eprofile for the first time this year.


I'll run through what I'm already doing, and if people think I should be doing more/collecting more evidence then please hand out that wonderful advice of yours!


Formal observations - 1 per child each half term

Informal observations - post-it style - constantly!!

Group guided reading record - weekly

Independent writing assessment - termly

Phonics tracker using letters and sounds assessment ideas.

And obviously their books where I stick photos into also.


I just don't quite know what else to do!

Please help!!


Nomie x

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Is termly sufficient for independent writing assessment? I guess your post-its would pick up anything of interest in between.


I note you don't have anything PSE -ish? or is this your post-it area / longitudinal observation?


Otherwise it sounds pretty comprehensive to me!

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Nomie

We do all you do but as Cait says half termly writing may be better?

I also have a Home School/Reading record book and write notes to parents and they write to me...this may cover the keeping parents informed bit



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Please don't forget that evidence includes simply what you know!

Also I would be collecting writing as and when children do different things in their free play as this is what you are looking for. Writing done "for a sample" is not truely independent and you want the range of different purposes as decided by children.


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