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Whatever Next/space And Ofsted


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So we got the call! Ofsted on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was actually on a course about leading the foundation stage (and making a very long list of things to do before ofsted arrive- ha ha!!!). They couldn't have picked a better week- class assembly tomorrow and parents evening Wednesday and Tuesday!


Anyway, we are starting some work on Whatever next/Space on Monday. So just wondering if any one has any idependent/child initiated activities that link to space/whatever next etc. Also I'm not really sure what to do for KUW so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Also do you think it's ok to do firework paintings on Tuesday afternoon? Or is it too far away from bonfire night!


Oh and if anyone who's had an inspection recently has any pointers on what they might quiz me about I would be ever so grateful!


Thank you so much in advance for all your help, you lovely people! xx

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have your children self generated an interset in the space theme/book. only i just wonder out of interest how much self chosen worj the children are doing, i have done this book lots of times and it has stored interset but i chose it not the children but they developed it, so is this ok- anuway it is not questions you want but ideas.

here are a few, when i get a brain i'll add more

CLL: guided writing we made rockets in PSNR using shapes and then we wrote on the back noise words e.g. whoosh, bang

we read other books by Gill murphy and had them in a box for the children to look at

PSNR; Like beetle drive. children rolled a dice adn they too a piece of umbered rocket untill they had all 6 pieces. for the HA i put a sticker on the 6 dots and made it 0 dots then when they rolled they had to get a piece with the number 1 more than they rolled.

Role play: I gathered the props e.g. box, wellies adn put them out for the children

Creative: we sorted through mixed media and colours to add the fire to our rockets


i am sure other people have more ideas

good luck please be ure to let me know how it goes especially if you are a Reception Teacher!

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We did some work acting out the story with props in small groups and then left them in the reading area with the book. Children then acted it out independently when ofsted were in which was v clever of them!


I would say it's not too late to do firework pics on Tues as there are lots of firework displays gong on this weekend too so fireworks will still be relevent to the children.


We had that crayola black paper on the writing table which children adored see it here (I got it from Tesco - not cheap but well worth it for how much writing and mark making it got them to do! I cut up the sheets to make them go further.)


In my inspection they looked a lot at data over the past few years and wanted to know about baselining procedures and how our intake of children had changed over the last few years. They looked at our phonics teaching and were really open to us suggesting that they mght like to see certain lessons. They loved tidy up time (!) and talked alot about the PSED of the children.


Good luck!

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Hi berthie,Had inspection very recently. Like kaloufl,wanted to know about baseline and how progress was monitored and evidenced.Also data and analysis from previous years;strengths,weaknesses and action taken. There was a big focus on opportunities for how pse was developed and what format our observations took. In addition they asked questions about links with our feeder playgroups, what had been devloped from last visit and goals for future development.

I already knew I would be meeting with inspector for 45mins or so together with the Head and although a little apprehensive he really put me at ease. Don't be afraid to 'sell yourself.' Hope all goes well for you. luluj

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