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Magic Maths.


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Our topic next term is Magic- looking at fireworks, magic creatures/people/objects/animals etc.

I'm struggling to think of some activities to do in PSRN. I have thought about recognising shapes through feeling, but that is as far as i'm getting.


Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks all


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My children love the 'magic' of two little dicky birds. Put a sticky dot on both index fingers, place on a surface (other fingers hidden in hand) when you sing the phrase fly away, wave your hands and then place your middle finger down (hiding index finger in your hand) , hey presto, no sticky dot, magic, the when you sing come back...wave hand againthen place index finger down complete with sticky dot. :o


Magic card tricks, cards are great for numbers and sets of suits.


I also love the 'magic' of 9 X table ( if you have very able Yr 1 children)


1+8 = 9 (18)

2+7 = 9 (27)

3+6 = 9 (36)




Have fun.



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Yes Cait I have been on sparklebox but cannot find much for magic maths, got loads of there for the rest of the topic.


Thanks for the idea Peggy, my children will love that!

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can you make links with making amounts larger/smaller - make a tower of cubes, show children. Put this tower behind a 'screen' (book?) and tell children you are going to do something magical to the tower to make it look different - add or remove cubes without them seeing. Now show 'new' tower and ask children to say how it has been altered. Count teh cubes each time.

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