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Claiming Tax Credit Not Paying For Their Childcare!


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We are have increasing amounts of parents claiming child tax credits and not paying our fees, does anyone know if Inland Revenue have a department that deals with this?

I've no idea - have you looked on the hmrc website?



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Is there a contact number on the forms they ask you to fill out?


Must admit this situation can be really annoying, I always told parents that the I.R. checked each claim was being met. :o



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yes, we have this problem too........................currently, i have 3 families pulling this stunt on us, and of course, we keep getting 'can i pay you next week, i'm a bit short', so I point out that in fact, we are regularly checked to see if the fees are being passed on to us, and it puts me ' in a really difficult position if you haven't paid'..........we'll see!

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This information booklet from the tax office gives some information with contact telephone numbers at the end..


May be of help if you want to take this further.. reading it seems they do actually do checks by phone to providers so perhaps a reminder to the parents that you are expecting a check as you have not heard recently :o


HMRC leaflet



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We've only been asked once about one family...infact as we have to display our certificate with our registration number which is all a parent needs to claim the childcare element of tax credits...we have no idea who is claiming tax credits with us as their provider, anyone who has visited could in theory put our number on their form, last year we got a number of parents who booked in for full daycare (45+ hours per week) then after a couple of weeks dropped their hours to around 15....i started telling them that obviously i had to notify tax credits by the end of the week ...(we can't because when i tried there simply wasn't anywhere to call with the information although that may be different this year)

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I phoned tax credits they said;

they dont get involved,

they trust the people claiming,

they pay in good faith and it is up the claimant what and who they pay the money too!

If people claiming feel they need childcare and they work they are entitled to claim, tax credits have no power to enforce where this money goes to!

All they can suggest is that I pursue it through a debt cllection agency!


Great help that telephone call was!


What a waste of time....

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