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Code Of Conduct Policy For Parents


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I have just been on a child protection course were they stated that we should have a parents code of conduct policy I have never seen one and I wondered if anyone had one which they could share with me.



Thank you in advance




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Hi Karen


I ordered the new PLA policies book at the weekend and although it isn't printed yet, they've given me a code for the website access to the documents. I'll have a look and see if they suggest one. In the meantime, have you looked in the resource library or done a forum search? Might turn something up!



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Had a look at the PLA ones and no parental code of conduct......


Here is ours which was written with a purpose in mind so may not be exactly what is asked for, but may give a few ideas.. it is quite old now so probably needs amending or adding to.. we have considered a bit about collecting under influence of drugs or alcohol.. but could not find appropriate wording! it is in our policies somewhere though.


I think I found one on the forum and adapted it with help of others on here who helped with a lot of the content at the time...




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