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Cool Kuw Ideas Please


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Hello and good morning!!!


I love knowledge and Understanding of the World as its such a vast reaching area............


I suggest working with digital cameras, video recorders, calculators, scanners, printers, washing machines, torches, battery operated toys, email, computers, etc etc


Link with other settings............ local, urban, rural and international if you have chance!

Let the children know people live in different types of communities


Growing plants........ planting cress............. growing carrot tops, plant buls, flowers, vegetables.....


As it is so vast maybe it would be good to take a small area at a time?


Enjoy, and welcome to the forum!

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I have been put in charge of KUW for my setting, so to start off with I would love it if people could give me some cool ideas of what you do in your setting as a starting point.


Thanks in advance :o

Welcome to the Forum, Wayne!


Great ideas already and I'm sure the list will grow over the next few hours, but I was wondering what sort of ideas your setting has already used?




PS What is this 'Linked up' thing at the bottom of your signature? Never heard of it before!

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Thanks for all the replies.... the time difference is +7 hours from the UK. Right now the kindergarten have a lot of different areas in the environment such as design area, malleable, etc. I think the one area lacking is IT, they've only just got beebots this year and there is little use of computers. I hope to break out my class laptop at least once a week. The challenge we have here is space, the kindergarten is not that big and has only a small outside area.

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Learning Focus:

CLL Interact with others, negotiating plans and activities and taking turns in conversation.

Begin to recognise some familiar words. Describe a simple journey.

MD Observe and use positional language

KUW Comment on and ask questions about where they live.

Notice differences between features of the local environment




Walk to the park.

Take clip boards to note down observations of the children.

Once back in the pre-school room, look at the photos of the route to the park.

Can the children put them in order.

Use the sheet to draw a picture/map of what they saw on the way or at the park

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• Shadows

• Maps of home, route to setting

• Explore our senses

• Feelie bags/boxes

• Smelly bottles

• Special events/festivals

• X-ray pictures

• Body computer games

• Grow items to eat

• Similarities and differences in the group



OO will find more when ive fed the baby :) he's woke up x

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