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as part of my foundation degree i have been asked to use these, along side EYPS standards ( which i have been able to find) when writing my journal each week. so far i can not find them any where does any of you great people know what they are and where i can find them.



Thank you




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HI haven't heard of 'senior practitioner standards' :(


I know that if your Foundation Degree is 'sector endorsed' then on passing the FD you are also awarded 'Senior Practitioner Status'. I can't remember the exact wording but it is on my degree certificate.


THe DfES sector endorsed degree had to ensure that students met the DfES 'statement of requirement' and the 'Annexe to statement of requirement'. This consisted of Early Years Core Learning Outcomes and Route Learning Outcomes.


From what I have read/heard the way these outcomes were 'met' varied between universities. Some just 'built them in' to the study modules /assignments and others included them more explicitly. The OU did it by students collating a Personal Evidence Folder which had to meet the detailed EYCLO's (Early Years core learnig oucomes) These were very detailed, 12 forms with sections/sub sections.


Some of them are not disimilar to the EYPS standards ( not saying they are the same) but I have never heard of them referred to as senior practitioner standards


Sorry I am probably writing a load of garbled rubbish here so I will shutup xD

If you do find out what they are I would be really interested to know.


My FD certificate says I am a senior practitioner so i should know what standards I am working too :o

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That is what i was thinking but I was trying to look smart, for a little while at least , i have looked everywhere but the seem not to be anywhere. I will ask my lecture on thurday, if i find out i will let you know



thanks everyone (I am now thinkimg prehaphs i am not going mad)




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