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Hi there. Not sure I've posted this in the right place but here goes!


Tomorrow I have a potential parent and child visiting our setting (1st day back for us). They have just moved to our area and are Brazilian. The mum speaks good english but the little girl who is nearly 2 1/2 (or should I say 29 months!!!!) only speaks portuguese. I would love to make them feel especially welcome tomorrow by being able to use some of their language.


Anyone got any useful tips for me or a website that may help?

Thank you!

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translation sites all seem Ok for single words but must admit one of our parents had a real laugh when we tried a sentence as a trial, her comment was unless you know English it had no meaning.. all to do with grammer and phrasing... did give a really good laugh though when she translated back .. we tried several nad none wwas better than another, in Polish and Portuguese.


we have used Enchanted Learning for pictures and word in Portuguese which did help us understand the children... Sometimes though we find parents say no English but depends on if the child has heard it at home, they can have a good understanding without speaking it.



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I can give you a few words as my mum and dad live in Portugal. I am not sure how to spell them but I will write them as they sound.


andacar - come here

hola - helo (dont pronounce the h)

sh coot a - listen

te manyar - see you tomorrow

oilya - look

shee shee - wee

casa - home (pronounced carza)

casa de banyo - bathroom

bebida - drink

obrigada - thank you


pow (pao) - bread

cow (cao) - dog

gato - cat

vaca - cow


goshta - do you like?


oom (um) - one

doysh (dois) - two

tresh (treis) - three

quatro - four

sinco (cinco) - five


If you can think of any more words you want to know I can always ask my mum as she is more or less fluent. I also must add that I have an Algarvian accent apparently so some things may be pronounced slightly differently as is it similar to UK and US english.


PM me if you want



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Cooh, thanks! That's so helpful. I'm beginning to wonder if the Brazilian use of Portugese might be different too, not just the Algarve slant. I'm going to contact our Multicultural Development service too. They will have some books & resources etc which we can borrow!

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Update!!! The little girl has now been with us a week and she is a star! After her 1st day she apparently went home and was using lots of english words they had never heard her use before. Today I received a bag of resources from our Multicultural Team including Dear Zoo, Going on a Bear Hunt in dual language - big hit already and I've sent one home for the weekend so we can build on it as a keyworker activity with her new friends next week. There are some dual language story tapes too - goldilocks and the 3 bears was one..... and I'm more than happy to send home a tape player for her to use. The Multicultural Team lady suggested making a fan, like a number fan, with images like the toilet, handwashing, computer, etc as she didn't had a sheet with common words on....

Its really exciting and going very well so far.

Thought you'd like to hear how things are progressing. I'll keep you posted.

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