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I'm not sure about this one... but I'd like to know!


I've just been stocking ours up with various wipes (lots for sensitive skin!) and plasters of various sizes and shapes!!


I've also got more major stuff like resusitation shields, and large wound strips (you never know!).


My mum is a nurse so I've grown up being extra prepared about these things! The first aid kit in the back of my car is like a mini hospital!! lol.


If you do find a set list, could you let me know please? Ta!



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Tweezers for removing splinters.


Plasters on a strip - you know the kind you cut to size with scissors.


A spare epi pen just in case a child suffers an anaphylactic shock...


My point is I can remember all the things I shouldn't have - but none of the things I should!


Perhaps I can find my book which tells all.... :o



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Hi Just looking at Maz reply I recently went on course and was told def not to use the following. Don't know if this varies course to course. ( I would hope not)


I know that Tweezers must not be used . ( only parent allowed to do this)

Must not use medication meant for another child. That means no spare Epi pen

No alcohol wipes. Only water should be used.

all packets of dressings need to be individually wrapped.

Sensitive plasters.

the list is endless.


I went on a first aid course 2 months ago so this info is up to date .I will dig out a list and post it on .



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