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I know it's only been a week but I've really missed you as it feels more like a month since I last visited.


During my last session on here on 30th June I was highjacked :wacko: xD , well not me personally but our internet dial up programme and a virus to stop us reconnecting. :ph34r:

A large red warning sign came up from our Norton protector which immediately closed down the internet, thankfully before any more programmes/information was highjacked from our computer.


It's been a nightmare trying to get back online, eventually got a disc sent to us by Orange.


Apparently people who I can only describe as :oxD:( (bleep, bleep) stole our dial up details to use for their own unscrupulous purposes. :( adding a virus that took off our modem set up, thus delaying our ability to get back on line. I presume that now we are back on line they can't use our dial up anymore. (the technicalities of highjackers are a bit beyond me :( )


Just wanted to say glad to be back, :unsure: my addiction symtoms now relieved. ;) , just got the 357 junkmails, and 155 emails to go through now, then I'll be back to have a look at the 6 pages of posts I've missed over the last week.


best get in a bottle of wine for tonights browsing session on the forum. :ph34r: :rolleyes:



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Good to have you back, :( I did think of posting a 'missing' thread but thought you may be busy with your children and didn't want to hassle you.


Hurray your back :( and I have just read your words of wisdom to Suzybell which have been helpful to me also.


What would we do with you xD:o:(

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hiya peggy glad your sorted and i too presumed you were busy with your lovley children xD



:o I was busy with my children because I couldn't hide away in my office 'pretending' to do work whilst I was on the forum. :wacko: xD (they all think I run an internet business :(:( , well that's what hubby told them)

Must admit there were a few 'early' bedtimes last week and the older ones didn't know what to do with themselves for the evening because I had the TV remote control. :(



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