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Im sure some have you have tried this, but this is for the ones who havent.


We added smells to our paint this week, the ones found next to the food colour in the supermarket.


we had;

strawberry in our red paint

peppermint in green

orange in orange

vanilla in white

lemon in yellow.ect


wow, we all loved it, a fab sensory experience.

bless them, they all went home with painty noses from smelling their fingers.

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Ooh what a fab idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to try that after half term. You lot are so great at new ideas, THANK YOU! :oxD

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Hi All - we had ice cream shop this week - same idea ie colour & smells matched with playdough - children enjoyed strawberry, lemmon and of course chocolate (coco pounder mixed into the dough) - by the end of the morning we had "neopolitan", as well as playdough shoes etc.


Dot :oxD:(

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You can also add jelly crystals to the paint, gives a different consistency too!

I have also added angel delight powder (butterscotch and banana), cinammon, ginger, lavender oil.


I also add porrige to paint, links lovely to Goldilocks! My porridge paint is too....... (lumpy, smelly, salty, hot, cold etc!)

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