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Has anyone got a poem that we could use to put on our notice board which informs parents that children learn a lot through their play even if they do not bring anything home that they have made. I used to have one years ago but I can't find a copy of it now. Can anyone help?????

Sue H

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There is one on here somewhere, we talked about this not long ago but I've not perfected the linking so will try later if noone has obliged, just off to lunch so can't play now!!!

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I've picked up a couple more from my travels around the net. :D


I tried to teach my child from books,

He gave me only puzzled looks,

I tried to teach my child with words,

They passed by him often unheard,

Despairingly, I turned aside,

How shall I teach this child I cried,

Into my hand he put the key,

Come he said and play with me!!



You say you love your children and are concerned that they learn today

So am I, which is why I’m providing different kinds of play


You’re asking what’s the value of having your children play?

Your children are solving problems, they will use that skill everyday


You’re asking me the value of blocks and other such play?

Your daughters creating a tower, she may be a builder some day


You’re saying you don’t want your son to play in that "sissy" way

he's learning to cuddle a doll he may be a father some day


Your questioning the centres interest....... they look like useless play

Your children are making choices, they'll be on their own some day


You’re worried your children aren’t learning and later they'll have to pay

They’re learning a pattern for learning for they'll be learners some day!!!

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Hi there was another one put on the other day will go and look for it as i printed it off and put it up at work ..had lots of comments (positive) from parents..... :o

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Wow, some great poems. I'm spreading them round my friends for use in their settings. We will win the battle of pushy parents by stealth if not any other way! :D

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