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Have any of you seen the flyer in this morning's Nursery World about the Children's Commissioner's new website aimed at enabling children and young people to 'have their say' about their lives?


Here's the link if you want to have a look.


I've had a bit of a play and I'm not sure what I think about it - there's an early years section where children can answer questions such as "how are you feeling today and why?" or "what is your favourite thing to do at nursery?" by 'drawing' a picture (using pre-determined shapes from a drop down menu). Then you can add text, label it with your name and age and you can put it up on the website if you wish. The flyer seems to suggest that the icons you create are added into the '11' logo - although I'm not sure whether the child could identify 'their' shape amongst those shown.


For pre-schoolers to do this they will obviously need some level of adult support - even if only to point out where the letters on the keyboard are. I'm not sure how effective it will be in getting children's feelings and ideas heard - especially in this very young age group.


I'd be really interested in what you think - and if any of you whose groups are lucky enough to have internet access - what your children think about it?


I'm off to have another pootle about on the site - I've just noticed that the flyer says that there are resources available for early years workes about how to listen to young children....



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