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i have just been informed that i have to prepare a 10-15 min presentation on the Foundation Stage (in nursery) for the governors' meeting. They are not aware of the changes that have taken place in this area and will have to briefed on what- how- etc of what the foundation stage is. xD

they still have visions of it being 'just playing'- if they only knew- well i'm hoping to illuminate them on the subject.

Any suggestions and advice please

This presentation is for Wednesday. :(

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Hi leo -

Just so happens... :)


I have a presentation intended originally for parents of Foundation Stage children, but I think most of it would be suitable for you to adapt. It comes courtesy of Nicola Gray, who donated it to the community some time ago!


You can download it by clicking the attachment link just below. Hope it goes well!


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Good grief, Steve!!!!! xD No wonder your avatar is Gandalf!!!!! :o

What else have you got lurking?

Must remember you next time my Yorkshire Pudding fails to rise :(

But, well done. I'd like to download it too, if that's OK? Never know when it might come in handy!


Sue :D

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tell them as you see it, you know what its all about!

Have you got some photos you can show them and tell them what was going on and how the children were learning.

good luck, guess we know what you're going to be doing this weekend!

Remember if you've only been given a few days notice you can't be expected to be all singing and dancing!

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I do a presentation each term for new parents. We set out the nursery as we would for the children, I place cards on each table explaining what each activity is and what the aims and expected outcomes are. I also have a photographic display showing the ELGs. On wall displays I also put up the aims of the activities and ELGs. Parents are encouraged to spend time playing and learning. I'm sure your Governors would like a hands on approach after all it is the Foundation stage.

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What are your UK policies on using photos?


I have just been informed that although I have been gathering digital photos for a powerpoint presentation for parents, we are not able to use them.

Our nursery manager seems to think that they are a "cop-out" for parents and undefined

How many children can play with sand, jelly, water, paint and stiil have time to build a cave for dinosaurs all in one morning?

I have been building up to a presentation evening for our new parents, only to be told that although we have permission, we do not use photos as evidence!!!!


Where do I go now, all my points were linked to fab images.



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Thanks everybody for your replies

Thanks steve

Will download and plagarise!!!!! :o

afterall imitation being the best form of flattery et al xD

I'm cross that i have to legitimise play as a 'must have' in nursery

But thanks all the same

I'll let you know how it goes

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Why not show them an extract from the video from the Surestart Unit on the FS then you are not just telling them what they can percieve as your interpretation but actually see in practice what the FS looks like. Good luck I had to do something similar for my Govs. one of whom said,' Well I don't think that they are really learning much through all this playing but you had better get on with what you are being asked to do!!!' Ahhh!!!

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