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Hi -

This is something we don't normally do, but it seems like a nice idea, so I thought I'd let you know about it. No money involved, and no personal information required apart from an email address. Please find the details below. :o


Dear Sirs/Madams


I am not a member of your forum but I have request .As you well know, most children express their feelings in paintings and drawings. My kids love to draw. One day my husband said to me, why don't we build a web site where we can put our kids' paintings and drawings? This way we treasure their art and other people from all over the world (and family) can enjoy it.


www.kdraw.com is what we decided to call it. We would like see children's paintings and drawings from all over the world.


My request from you is to post a message in your forums.


Kind regards


Maya Sadeh



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Thank goodness for that Marion. I thought maybe I'd accidentally learned Hebrew and then forgotten I understood it. :o


You have to have spent some time in my head over the last few days to understand that last comment...

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