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What A Letdown


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:o Hi I am totally devastated after our ofsted feedback today. We had been informed how well we had done. We are to be given a good in education which she said we were almost outstanding in. The problem came in care. I have been the deputy for three years and recently it was decided that as I am responsible for the admin side of things it would be nice if I was credited as being co supervisor. What a mistake the other supervisor had spoken to ofsted and let them I was to become co supervisor and apparently she was informed we needed to fill in a dc2 unfortunately I think she presumed it would be sent out to us and as it was just before xmas it didn't happen. Apparently we should have got it online. So my first question is who is the DC2 form for is it the registered person or anyone in charge?

Also we have the added confusion of being overseen by an miltary committee so we have a nominated person the chair of the commitee on the registration and they also have put the other supervisor on the registration. We are a registered charity so as I read it on the guidance only the chairperson and charity need to be nominated. Its just so gutting as we have worked so hard to do well and one piece of paperwork has let us down.

Also as I am still awaiting my new contract as supervisor do you think this gives me grounds to say it was not appropriate to send form in until I was officially under contract.

Sorry to babble but we are all so disappointed as we were told we would have been a good if it hadn't been for this one thing.


Any advice gratefully recieved.


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Well, I certainly understand your disappointment! As you don't yet have your contract, it might be a point to argue, but if you are effectively doing the job and had enquired before Christmas, then I think you may be on shaky ground. They might have told you to download the form!! But then again, checks on the website would probably have thrown this up. Anyone working directly with the children should have clearance - this is a given, in my experience.


Good luck, keep smiling.



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Hi abijac


I certainly understand your disappointment: always disappointing when something that could easily have been done but wasn't has let you down.


It is the responsibility of the registered person to take care of all this: if clear advice was given by Ofsted and not acted on them I'm fairly sure they won't allow any appeals.


I think I read somewhere that you can request to be inspected - so if your group feels really strongly about it could you ask them to re-inspect once your paperwork has been sorted?


Try not to be too disheartened - difficult I know.



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The difference is in the co supervisor bit.. if 2 people are jointly in charge of the day to day running of the setting both have to be cleared by Ofsted and do all the DC2 etc..As would be the chair person and any committee need to be Ofsted checked..


Think it is the jointly in charge bit which is a difference, against being able to take charge in absence of teh supervisor.



but had you remained deputy then it is the responsibility of the setting to do the checks as with all other members of staff and not Ofsted so would have been OK.


You could try and say that the enquiry was about what you would need to do once under your new contract, which you are still waiting for.



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we were just in a change over of commitee members and this question came up during our ofsted inspection, DC2 as far as I understand has to be completed by all commitee members and the manager/supervisor I cannt remember about the deputy


the rest of the staff are not required to fill out a DC2 it only those registered in charge/commitee members


phone Ofsted they will answer queries like this and yes the DC2 is downloaded from their site they no longer send them out

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