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When I got to work yesterday at 7.45 I was greeted by one of the cleaners telling me that some bxxxxxxs had been on the roof and tried to take the lead off the roof. They made a REALLY bad mess of several parts of the roof, leaving behind most of the lead on the floor unable to carry it away.

This is the 2nd time in a year they've done it. Makes me so angry. It's going to cost us loads and is a real pain the axxe. I know we're insured but that makes our premiums go up and money is so so tight at work (I'm teacher governor so I've become so much more aware of the really bad financial situation we're in).

So angry just wanted to vent and I know you guys will understand.


Truly understand your anger and frustration Nichola, I've moderated the language a little though, so as to ensure no offence. :o



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no one has any repect for other peoples property these days!


our local church was completely stripped of all the lead off its roof a few months ago,

our group meets in a church hall and there are signs all over the place saying that all the metal has been treated (i think it's called smart water) making it difficult to sell for scrap.


I share your frustration it soooooo annoying

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I totally sympathise, a horrible thing to happen...........we have had a few acts of vandalism, and can never get the insurance to cover it for various reasons:it is outside equipment;it was inside but a public event, so not covered.....you name it, we can't get our insurers to pay out!


Can i say thankyou Peggy for moderating the very angry language..............i know, i know, i'm getting old and I hear such words every day in the street, but i don't want to 'hear' it on a childcare forum.............sorry:huh:

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