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hi all xD


i've just joined the forum and thought i'd give it a shot to see if someone on here has already created the wheel on which i was just about to embark on creating!! :o


i've recently had the pleasure of being given the title early reading and phonics co-ordinator in my primary school, and yup i've got to write a policy!! i would be so grateful if anyone has got a phonics/reading policy they are happy to share with me.


thank you all




p.s: theres some fantastic stuff on here, have downloaded so many interesting ideas...thank u all for being so kind and sharing!!

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Sorry missf, can't help with your query, sure someone who can will be along soon. Just wanted to say a warm welcome to the forum and glad to hear you are enjoying all the lovely ideas and resources you've found so far. :o



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welcome missf.

Our early reading was added to the whole school policy on reading, do you really need an extra policy?


If you do, you might want to think about the core criteria for choosing a phonics programme, which you can find



Decide what programme you intend to use, unless yo have already done this (eg are you using 'letters and Sounds', or JollyPhonics or something else? How are you going to teach early reading, what are you going to send home, will the children's have reading books, will you be doing reading recovery?; will you do guided reading, and how will you assess reading? How are you going to support EAL learners?


Hopefully these things are already in place if not you need to discuss them with the staff s that you all agree on how you are going to teach reading in your school. I hope this might give you a starting point?

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thank you all for your welcomes :) and your replies :)


i'll have a look at the whole school literacy policy i thing and tweak those sections as it sounds like most other reception pratitioners are following their literacy policy which encorporates the letters and sounds...is that right?


miss f


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