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I think it is because they have used microsoft 2002. When I copied and pasted into word on my PC it closed the program down and gave me a message about upgrading-I have Vista.

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Confession time, I couldn't read the PDF download either, just thought I'd see if you lot could download it.

I did try to ask for the cards to be posted to me, di the contact details process which ended by saying I had just requested their magazine :oxD


I did however send them a feedback form stating the download problem, so if I hear back from them I'll let you know.


By the way have Vista.


If we have no luck then maybe those of you who have downloaded, could you transfer to word doc and attach?



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I downloaded a couple but then decided to send for them


No problems (I have Vista)





I've got PDF 8.1, I think it is the latest, I wonder why I can'e download?? :o



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I tried to order them and the magazine link came up for me too! AHHHH!



I got this response to my email today, it seems that if you order the magazine you will get the cards.



Dear Ms Minter,


I'm sorry you had problems downloading the cards.


The cards come in a pack with our latest broadcast information magazine - O.Zone - and both are listed on the order page.


I've arranged for a pack to be sent to you which I hope you will find helpful.


Best wishes,


Polly Frazer

Viewer and Listener Information Officer

The Open University - Open Broadcasting Unit.

8: OU.viewerandlistenerinfo@bbc.co.uk

(: 01908 652777

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