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Hi, I have mentioned before that i have an interview tomorrow for childrens centre manager. One of the tasks we have to do is design a pack to welcome parents to the new childrens centre.


Am trying to have in my head what i would put in this pack


Any ideas will be most welcome, am starting to panic a little now!


Thank you

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You've not much time before tomorrow, but have you looked at Children centre web sites in your area, which might give you some ideas about what you could include. We haven't made ours up yet, because we don't have a a building yet, but Id say certainly keep it simple, consider non readers of english, and use lots of pictures.


Sorry cant be of more help just now

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Thank you we have to complete the task tomorrow, during the selection day.


I too was thinking of lots of pictures, simple language and inviting.


I have done quite a lot of research about other childrens centre information, but within my county none of the other childrens centres are up and running.


I'm just having last minute nerves, and want to be as prepared as possible, without being able to actually create anything before hand!

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Good luck, westie!


I'm sure you'll be fine - especially as you've done a lot of research and thinking! Pictures and clear language are always a bonus on anything designed for parents!


Let us know how things go...



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Good luck Westie,

Agree with others, pictures (with representation of users within the local community), simple, clear text.

I'm sure you have already but think of an index list;

Front cover - attention grabbing! Name of setting, maybe include a slogan which describes the settings unique selling point-USP)

inside: contact info

aims & objectives of setting

services offered

info such as parking / access /local bus route/map

brief outline of main policies ( maybe a short paragraph on each)

a FAQ page

Back cover; repeat contact info and a phrase offering the reader to contact the centre, or maybe a slogan "pop me on your fridge" ( or something like that)


suggest info can be recorded for non readers, printed in various langugages, braille.


Even think about when and where they will be distributed.





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Hi everyone, thanks for all you advice and best wishes.


I am very pleased to report that I got the job!


When I got there this morning I was 1 of 2 candidates, the other candidate already worked at the school- thought I had no chance.


But I stuck with it and got the job!


So I will be on here asking for lots of advice from everybody over the next few months!


Thanks again

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