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Well, we have been waiting for them to come since September and today OFSTED have arrived! A very nice lady arrived at 10am this morning. Everything seems to have gone very well so far.


She was only going to stay for the morning but ended up staying until 2.30, she was rather hungry as she hadn't brought any lunch! She has been very positive has made lots of lovely comments about what she has seen which is great.


She is back tomorrow to look through paperwork and is feeding back on Thursday afternoon.


Our poor deputy only started yesterday, talk about been thrown in at the deep end. Fortunately she had her OFSTED at her previous nursery two months ago.


I'll let you know how we get on!



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sounds like positive vibes xD


best wishes for Thursday, don't forget to share, we all love good news. :o:(


Again, from many, many recent posts, I do think that the Ofsted inspection IS becoming a much more positive, friendly, valued and appreciative experience for many settings. :(



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Well things are going ok. My poor mum is a bit wrung out, she said she must have asked her a million questions and then came the problem! For some reason Mrs Ofsted couldn't see the front form for administrating medicine where parents sign and fill in details. Mum had a complete blank and panicked. Obviously this is a problem. Apparantly Mrs O could only see the old style format. Anyway even Mrs O was gutted that they weren't correct. However when mum brought my little boy back to me after work and told me this I said that I knew that they were there. So we shot off to work and there they are! I rang and spoke to her but obviously she needs to see the proof and unfortunately one record hasn't got the front sheet from a medicine given last week as the staff hadn't realised they had run out of blank ones. I have told mum to ring her again tomorrow and tell her that we can fax them over to her so she can see the proof that they have been done. Not sure if mum will sleep tonight.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow. If things go belly up over one thing we will be devastated. Feeling rather down about it myself too.

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Just thought I'd let you know that everything went well with our feedback. I will let you know the final results when we get them. We are a little disappointed with one area, and have thought about an appeal (although the grade wasn't bad!) but we shall see! Not sure if we can cope with it all again at the moment.


Our new deputy couldn't believe how thorough she was, having had an ofsted 2 months ago she felt that our lady was much more thorough than hers had been. It really does depend on which inspector you have doesn't it.


On a very plus note, toilets were mentioned and that we could do with another one which we know but as the building isn't ours isn't so easy. So I asked our early years advisors who attended the feedback if there was any funding available and if we get a quote in quick there is £10,000 going spare! So I've just been looking at options and how we would fit a disabled toilet in. Tomorrow we will be ringing builders for quotes, and ringing the owners of the premises we rent. I can't see them saying no to getting a free facelift, fingers crossed.

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Laura, that's great news BUT...

Dealing with Ofsted and builders in the same week - I'm impressed!!

and of course they'll re-inspect when the work is completed - sorry!

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