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21st January


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The title said it all....


I had the most depressing day yesterday and AAAAAAARGH! need to realease it!


The kids were so hyper and it was full moon!!

Staff were on another planet


My boy was ill and stil is with a terrible chest infection


My daughter is unhappy she lost her guinea pig

at last her tooth fell out that has been dangling for days!


A friend of mine is going through a traumatic time


BOY was I glad that yesterday was over


Can anyone tell me did they have a bad day yesterday ..... Just need to know I am not alone....


Thats better got it off my chest now


still at least today was a beautiful sunny day just what we all needed!

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My day was good on the whole, although I did find out that I wont be tutoring this week, so that was a blow. I wore a really bright top to make everyone laugh (at me? with me?) Today was worse, short staffed so no break, luckily I finish at 3 so it wasnt too long until I was home with a coffee. :o

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At least it was a well broadcast fact that yesterday was meant to be the most depressing day of the year......so you'll know that you were definitely not alone! For me, the 22nd has been far worse.......drove to work looking forward to a day relatively free of meetings so that I could tie up lots of loose ends and finish off little projects......and then a call from my daughter's school to say she's looking extremely green and can I pick her up!


The best laid plans eh???!!! :o

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:( Hope you are having better day today....I heard about this on the radio in the morning...and I was quite cheerful until then!!! My day was 'normal' the usual running around here there and everywhere and not actually getting anything done.


:oxD:( some smiles to cheer you up

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Thanks Beau - wasn't sure how to change the date


It was good to hear that some felt the same as I did....


Today was a bit beter but my boy is still very poorly and thanks mrs B for your smiles needed those.

smile at someone it will lift their spirits... You did just that.....


Had some good news been awarded some money of £300 for the new toddler group that we will be seting up after easter sometimes..... good now I can spend money and even better not even mine!!


I have to say January can be very depressing must be because of christmas on a high then thump down again by going to work then financially after spending so much! Although I am very good but its always a thought in your mind.


Take care everyone

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i aleays find January/febuary the worst of the year - probably because i expect it now!!!! ist week of jan was fab (my mum who had moved out to cyprus was home!!!) from then on downhill............ went bqack to work had to move into church as flooring was being redone (ofsted no help as usual) prominant staff member leaving and not giving half terms notice (almost 4 yrs since last ofsted - so they are going to be on doorstep) staff winging as they are in tempory premises and need a new sen and no one wants to do it deputy with serious personal problems, new chair, treasurer and secretary needed by may 1st BA hons assignment to hand in, and son and daughter off ill with the bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how much more can one take........................................ :oxD:(:(:( :wacko: :rolleyes:


sorry rant over xD

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Just keep watching that aeroplane coming nearer and nearer Hali! Things will get better, at least you've got January 21st out of the way! xD Seriously, things WILL get better and we're all here for you!


Sending a virtual bottle of red wine to you now......... :o

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Monday wasn't a bad-infact it went very well.


The child we have been very concerned about was finally diagnosed with Autism-now we can move forward in so many ways and thats a big relief


We heard our local bank have awarded us £500 and a 'team of volunteers' to help transform our outside space as part of their 'working with the community programme'-yippee


My teaching imput went very well and was just how I planned it twice am & pm.


My scales said I've now lost 6lbs


Daughter at the 3rd attempt allowed the dentist to do some work although it did involve 2hrs in the chair, a parking ticket and hubby, daughter and grandma getting stuck in flood waters in Leeds.


It was a great start to the week but its been sliding downhill since.....

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