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Watched it.

Its about the do's and dont's and the fears some people have of how it will be interpreted. They spoke to a nursery manager and to Ruth Pimetell (?).

I.e. no tick lists, no tests. Observations while children are playing and the assessments of their needs. The need to get to know each child.

If you cant watch it online its on Teachers TV at 8 tonight and again at some other time I've forgotten.


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I watched it earlier, I echo Rea take upon it.


Its on again at 8 pm and 11 pm tonight.


Plus after the 4 pm showing, there was a short program about men in primary. It was very interesting but only covered by the sounds of it one primary school where 3 male staff were in early years, a nursery teacher, reception teacher and a nursery nurse. It on again at 9.30 pm or 12.30 am tonight or 1.30 pm on friday.



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