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Wonder if anyone can help me. I need some guidance on how to do staff appraisals. Not done them before and unsure where to start, what format they should take and general good practice that should be followed.


We are a small village pre-school and I have 5 staff members who work part time.



Suzie :o

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Hi Suzie and welcome!!


If you do a search you will find lots of previous posts on appraisals as well as pro-formas etc. Sorry I dont know how to link them but someone will be along to help shortly I am sure.


I was not clear on the recruitment issues and bought the Guide to recruitment from the PLA. Its really helpful and has suggestions for appraisals as well as all things relating to recruitment etc.


Jenni x

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hello and welcome yearly appraisals are really good as well as termly one to ones - ue them to tell your staff how well they are doing along with - if you are brave enough the stop/start/continue method!!! (something they do that you want them to stop, start or carry on with!) :o

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Welcome Suzie


Appraisals can be intimidating from both perspectives can't they? My old boss used to always start by saying that the "praise" part of 'appraisal' was the most important - that we were here to celebrate what you do well and identify where you might need more support to develop your skills.


That always set the tone for a positive conversation. Mind you, sometimes her tongue was implanted so firmly in her cheek when she said it that I wondered how she was managing to speak! :o


Seriously, I hope it goes well - do you have a set procedure to follow with all the necessary paperwork at hand or do you have to generate all this for yourself?



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good afternoon , welcome, you will love it here


i recently did appraisals with my staff and to make it easier for them and me i handed a one page questionnaire which asked about areas they enjoyed, challenges, favourite aspects of the day, training opportunities and needs. It made the individual interviews so much easier for both of us i was so nervous here i was in a role that seemed so alien from the team/partnership we all equally worked hard to achieve


a bit of good old creamcake bribery went down a treat too


keep smiling cherry

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Try the PLA publication 'Employment in Early Years Settings' It has some excellent guidance on appraisals with photocopiable templates. To order go to www.pre-school.org.uk and click on publications.

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