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i found some lovely old Playmobil Igloos,Inuit/eskimo people, polar bears, seals ect on ebay..........there is a set on there right now, seller is in Canada, but stuff from there usually arrives very quickly and it's in US dollars, so half the £ price.......good luck!It would be a lovely resource to keep for the future



oh just thought too........Ikea have a small pop up igloo in their children's range at the moment! :o

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Ice experiments in the builder's tray if you have one - with ice cubes instead of a solid block of ice. You could put your small world animals etc in there as well - plus put in a few desert animals and see if anyone notices!


Narnia - how many of us will be scouring ebay at about this time!



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Hi suzy, wrap ice cubes in various materials to see which one keeps the ice from melting best. You can try anything, and in this weather put some outside and compare to how slowly they melt to the ones indoors. Freeze a small amount of water in a tray so you get a sheet of glass. Wait for it to rain, put a layer of flour in tray and put the tray in the rain for a short while. Freeze the tray and the rain drops will freeze as ice. Its actually how real rain is measured by scientists, apparently rain drops have to be a certain size before it can be called rain. Dont you know?!


Put salt on the ice and listen to it crack. Might need big blocks for that.


Could you use a video of a David Attenbough programme to show the ice and wind and snow, penguins and polar bears, some children might not really have seen any real snow.


Collect loads of shoe boxes to make your own igloo.


I read years ago that fish eyes were given to children as sweets in the Inuit communities...but I dont suppose you'll want to go that far :o

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