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All Crb Emails Have Been Answered


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so , still no definitive answer..


it is a settings decision on when/if to get people checked.


Ofsted say refer to the standards,

one says no need to recheck as you arer following the standards but would be good practice

another suggests getting all volunteers checked as it would cover and questioins asked about their working with the children and would give more flexibiltiy for the setting...


Suppose so long as you can give good reasons on what you are doing then it should be Ok


As I have just been rechecked by Ofsted think perhaps I will get all staff redone at same time...


dont have volunteers on occasional basis for this reason..parents help out in other ways.



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Thanks for this - I might take a copy of all the replies and put it into my files so that if asked I can then say that this is the view I take in my organisation and why. Clearly if the organisations have different understandings then Ofsted inspectors will as well. I was once told by Ofsted that "let's face it they are really only valid for the day they are printed on. Anything can happen after that."

I think the system should boot out any changes that have been made known which might affect the CRB to the last known setting. Clearly there are faults with this too but at least then we could then have them redone if necessary if the staff member is still working with us at that time. I had 4 done on me in 4 months - what a waste of money and resources.


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Hi everyone


I am new here, having joined the forum today so please be gentle with me.


I manage a community association and whilst not working directly with the children I am the business manager for our out of school club and playgroup so deal with all of the paperwork and make sure we are legally compliant with all matters of employment law, h&S, etc.


Having 15 staff to CRB was fine for the first ones which were free but we now use Captia to process our CRBs and they cost £53 each for any subsequent checks. We are an incorporated charity and like most of you here don't have a lot of money to spare.


The advice I had from our development worker was to include in our CP policy a statement about CRB checks being carried out for all staff with a recheck being carried out if staff have a change in circumstances, such as moving house, new partner etc.


I like the idea of printing out the replies from the various agencies - this will be in my policy file first thing Monday morning - thanks.

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