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  1. How to upload large videos   (679 visits to this link)

    Tapestry has a video file size limit of 100mb, so you will not be able to upload videos larger than this. If this happens you can use this tutorial to try and lower the file size so you are able to upload it to Tapestry. 

  2. How to set a secure password   (593 visits to this link)

    This article explains the importance of setting up a secure password for your account and offers a few options of how these can be done. 

  3. How to use the page filters on Tapestry   (654 visits to this link)

    On many of the pages within Tapestry there 'page filters' available to help you choose what information you see on the page. This tutorial explains where you can find these and how you can use them. 

  4. Managing children on your account

    These resources will help you with any resources you may encounter with child accounts on your Tapestry.

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  5. Notifications and emails

    These resources will assist you if you have any queries or issues with receiving notifications on Tapestry. 

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  7. Viewing changes that have been made to your account ('History')   (585 visits to this link)

    The events section on Tapestry shows you all of the things that have been done on your account, so if you ever unsure of why something has happened, you can use your events page to see this. This tutorial shows you where to find this section and how you can use it. 

  8. Troubleshooting with relative's accounts   (606 visits to this link)

    These resources will help you if you are experiencing any issues with relative's accounts.

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