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Accessing and managing your account or other members of staff's accounts

If you need some help managing your Tapestry account, or you are having any difficulties accessing your Tapestry account, you can check out these resources.


  1. Retrying a User's Activation   (347 visits to this link)

    This tutorial will explain how you can retry a user's activation if they have experienced any issues. 

  2. Dealing with the Unsubscribe and Resubscribe Process   (383 visits to this link)

    If a member of staff unsubscribes from Tapestry and you are not sure what this means or how to resubscribe them, this tutorial will explain this to you. 

  3. How to fix duplicate staff accounts   (335 visits to this link)

    If a member of staff has two accounts on your package under the same email address this will need to be fixed, this tutorial will show you how to do this. 

  4. How to reactivate an inactive or deleted staff member   (369 visits to this link)

    If a staff member has been made inactive or has been deleted from your account and you need to reactivate them, this tutorial describe how to do this. Please note only a manager on your account will be able to do this. 

  5. How to switch staff accounts   (391 visits to this link)

    If you are logged in on the browser version of Tapestry and another member of staff would like to login on this device, instead of logging out and them logging in, you can switch user. This tutorial talks you through how to do this. 

  6. How to unlock a locked account   (370 visits to this link)

    This tutorial is just for managers on an account and it will talk them through how to unlock someone's account if it has become locked due to entering the incorrect password too many times. 

  7. Managing more than one Tapestry account   (445 visits to this link)

    If your email address is linked to more than one Tapestry account, make sure you read this tutorial on how to manage this. 

  8. Different User Status - what do they mean?   (358 visits to this link)

    If you are not sure about the different user status', types of account activation and what it means to unsubscribe on Tapestry, we recommend that you read through this tutorial. 

  9. What to do if a member of staff can't login   (359 visits to this link)

    If you or a member of staff is not able to login to your or their account there are a few possible explanations as to why, this tutorial will talk you through these and what to do for each situation. 

  10. What to do when you are a manager/headteacher leaving your setting   (317 visits to this link)

    If you are a manager on your Tapestry account and you are leaving your setting, this tutorial will assist you with the handover on Tapestry. 

  11. Why you might be getting logged out repeatedly   (315 visits to this link)

    If this is happening to you or another member of staff please take a look at this tutorial for help and advice. 

  12. Troubleshooting for staff member logging in issues   (389 visits to this link)

    If any members of staff on your Tapestry account are having problems accessing their account, you can use this tutorial to help you work out what the issue might be.

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