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Managing children on your account

These resources will help you with any resources you may encounter with child accounts on your Tapestry.


  1. How to reactivate an inactive or deleted child   (405 visits to this link)

    This child will walk you through the process of reactivating inactive or deleted children on your Tapestry account. 

  2. How to merge children's profiles   (340 visits to this link)

    If you have got two accounts for the same child, for example if a child started with you and you added a profile for them and their account was then transferred from a previous setting, you will need to merge these two profiles. You can do this by following this tutorial.

  3. Child transfer notifications explained   (328 visits to this link)

    If you are about to, or are in the middle of, transferring a child or children from one Tapestry account to another, this tutorial will explain the different notifications you might receive (depending on whether you are sending a child/ren or receiving them). 

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