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Time to throw open the gingham curtains and use what we find behind them to create a space that gives our children the freedom to be independent, motivated learners who can choose from a range of engaging and challenging resources that will promote…
For those of us interested in such matters, the received wisdom is that the number of men actually working with young children as part of the Early Years workforce in England represents around 2% of the total. This figure, despite much hand-wringin…
It comes up on the FSF sufficiently often that I have begun to wonder if we, in early years, are perhaps looking for ‘an answer’ – the Next Step ‘Holy Grail’ as it were. Sensibly, we all know that there cannot be an answer, children are all different…
This is the first article in what will be a series examining questions such as ‘What are next steps?’, ‘Who decides which next steps are appropriate?’, ‘What is the best way to record next steps?’ and ‘How often should next steps be reviewed?’
Nature pedagogy is defined as a natural way of working with children that embraces nature. It is all encompassing, from the educational environments we create, to the process of assessment and planning, through to the Learning Journeys that we encour…

 Welcome to the Foundation Stage Forum

For over ten years the FSF has been a platform for a passionate and vibrant community of EYFS professionals, including nursery practitioners, childminders, reception teachers, advisers and consultants, and educators and writers.
We're proud of the quality of our conversation and support here, and our ethos (exemplified by the Lessons from Geese video) of courtesy and mutual respect, even while arguing from very different points of view.

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Early Years Investment Fund scrapped

The fund, announced in November 2016, has quietly been scrapped and is now missing from the list of funding options available for Early Years providers. You can read the full story on this thread.

Tapestry Newsletter December 2017

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Government launches consultation on plans to modernise sex education, …

Pupils in England’s schools are currently taught about relationships, health and the wider world through sex and relationship education (SRE) and personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) lessons. The Government would like to hear…

Ofsted report on Reception classes in schools

Ofsted have today released their 'Bold beginnings: The Reception curriculum in a sample of good and outstanding primary schools' report. In the report, findings from  research led by Gill Jones HMI, recommendations for practice and considerations…

December FSF Newsletter published

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Tapestry Newsletter November 2017

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This term we have published two articles designed to help you and you staff team set ‘Next Steps’ effectively. There seems to be an ongoing conversation about the best way to approach ‘Next Steps’ and hopefully our articles will give you things to … read on, or browse our newsletters.