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Questionaire To See If Nursey Setting Required


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Has anyone ever had to carry out a survey to see if there is a need for a setting prior to opening one?if so could you help me with some questions? It might be on a school premises so do you think targeting just the parents of the children attending the first school would be enough evidence?


I seem to always be asking questions on here hopefully one day I will be able to contribute!



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Guest Wolfie

What sort of area is the school in? By that I mean are you in a village or a town? I opened a nursery in a village school and when I was considering extending the age range I distributed my questionnaire to every house in the village as well as two neighbouring villages. I did also send one out with every child at the school to be on the safe side!

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When the pre-school moved from a village hall to the school grounds and was opening an 'after school club' as well, a letter was sent out to parents of childern at the school (and already attending pre-school children) stating what was happening, the benefits etc (or in your case what you would like to do) and then at the bottom of the letter was a reply slip to state whether they would be interested in attending, and if so how many sessions etc. It was basically 'if the facility opened would you consider using it'.


Hope this helps



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I have a questionnaire we sent out when we where looking at opening one of my nurseries if you would like to pm me your e-mail address i could e-mail it to you when I get back to work on Monday if you still need it. Shelley

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