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each room maintain their own nursery register, but we also have a whole nursery one which lives in the office. the last one we had was from the PLA i think, but i don't like the style of it, we always seem to go off the line, thus marking children in that aren't and visa versa.


apparently, i need to maintain an office based register so can't get away with not having one, but i would like a new format. have done a google search but it brought up anything but nursery registers, :o


any suggestions anyone,



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I have a blank register that I did up on the computer that allows us to sign in arrival time and sign out departure time If I have one on my memory stick i will attach it. It's nothing special very very simple but wors for us and oFSTED where happy with it we also have a office based register room registers and parents signing in sheets. if a child is all day then they are signed out time on departure on the afternoon sheet we have registers for 0-2 years 2-3 years and 3-5 years. Hope this helps. Shelley


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In out register shows DOB, how many funded sessions and includes am, lunch period and afternoons.

select the other excel tab "headcount sheet" we write in this every time child or adult enters or leaves the setting so we know at a glance how many are present at any given time.




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