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Accident Involving A Child Having To Go To Hospital


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we went on an outing today, did a very in depth risk assessment - everything covered! and all went fantastic until half an hour before our return coach journey everyone sat down for lunch and a little girl fell off of the seating bench!

She cried but seemed to settle and once on the coach her arm started swelling so we phoned mum and met her at the hospital .


We havent had to deal with anything like this before we have an accident book but am suspecting we have to do more! Riddor? Health and safety exec?


Would this be recorded on an incident form, does anyone have one they can show me?


Perhaps someone would tell me their process please?





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we have a form to fill in for when a child has an incident that involves taking to hsopital this notes down the details of what happened when e.t.c we complete this staff sign parents sign and a copy is given to the parents. I thnk you will also need to fill in a RIDDOR form and will need to inform Ofsted of the incident. Hope the child is ok and everything is fine. Shelley

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I agree, you have to inform Ofsted.What a shame though, these things just seem to happen, right at the point when everyone has had a good time and you're on your way home.I hope she's ok?...I guess you will have t write a report for the O people, stating what risk assessments you did, how it happened and wether it might have been avoided, then what action you took.You will also have to say how you will try to ensure this doesn't happen again, but in all honesty, it sounds like you did all you could and I'm sure the O's will see it that way too.Good luck

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looked up our info on accidents , they were taken from our accident book and attached copy, you will need to contact RIDDOR and number info is on the file attached..these were correct last Sept. but they may have changed! can find form on internet site I believe.

Also need to tell Ofsted

Also other info / contacts in case of insurance claim at end of attachment


Hope all turns out Ok




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Guest Wolfie

I'm fairly sure that you can fill the RIDDOR form in online now.


Sorry, I've just realised that that information is on Inge's accident info document!

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