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What is your fee structure in hours? i.e. our current fees break down to be £2.30 per hour for over 3's but what are yours for:

  • 0-2yrs
  • 2-3yrs
  • 3-8yrs
  • over 8's

we are about to have a management meeting to discuss raising our fees, but we have noticed that we are not charging more for 2-3 than 3+ even thought the ratios are halved. I really dont want to resort to pretending to be a parent and phoning around the local nurseries! :o


Thanks in advance. xD

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I charge £7 per grant session and £2.75 for lunchclub which is an hour.

I'm a pre-school in a church hall so don't know if that makes a difference

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Guest toddleo

we are increasing to £9 a session (2.5 hours) and lunch club is £3.5 ph sessional preschool-charity run, church hall!

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hmmm, we don't even charge by the hour, we have a flat rate for all, based on per day, per half day or per week.


per day is £35.14, per half day is £22.00 (or something like that), per week is £140.68 (or there abouts) how bad is this, i don't even know the fees LOL.


full day is anything from 7:30 - 6, half day either anything from 7:30 - 12:30 or 1 - 6



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We too charge by day, half day or week, preferably being paid monthly in advance by Standing Order. We have three rates, Under 2s, 2 - 3, 3+. Obviously the younger children are the more expensive.


I don't know amounts off the top of my head - why not pose as a parent? It happens all the time in this business (Private DN) :o



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If you look on your local Children's information service website it details all the nurseries, pre-schools, after school clubs etc, as well as what they charge, hours they are open etc etc. That is where i looked the last time we wantd to raise our fees and see what other local providers were charging.


Jenni x

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We offer full daycare, sessions, collections and drop off to local schools, holiday care.


We only charge via sessions but it works out at

£2.90 under 2

£2.30 over 2

We are currently debating the fee rise for this year and ive sugested that the fees are proportionate to the ratios the children recieve due to their age and the restrictions imposed on us. As i felt it was odd that we charge more for 1:3 for the under 2's but charge the over 2's the same when they have 1:4 or 1:8.


Its been kind of odd working it out as this is the first time i have ever tried to justify fees.


I like the idea of linking the over 3's to the NEG which makes sense, but as for the under 3's i definately feel that the 2-3 fees need to come up to support the ratio.


Im off to look at the CIS site now, i looked the other day, but only to see what they had put for us, and hadnt realised the fees were there.

Thanks everyone :o

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We are going to put our fees up from September to £8.00 for 2 3/4 hours with a view to increasing next year up to the NEG.


Lunch club is £2.50 for 1 1/4 hours which I think is quite cheep.


We also charge a top up for the 1/4 over the 2.5 funded hours.


Plus 15 p per child per day for snack.

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we charge £7.50 for 3 hrs for over 2's

£2-50 per hr for lunch

£7-95 for 3 hrs under 2's

£2-65 per hour for lunch

we are increasing our fees for september - doing a bit of market research!!! before deciding on new pricing!

we too operate from a church hall

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