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Does any one have an uptodate policy called Safeguarding Children? Tried teacher net, tried Every child Matters. So much information don't know where to start or what is relevant.


Tried Local safeguarding children boards!


Help :o

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Thank you all for your replies and links which have been helpful.


I have changed the name of the policy to Safeguarding Children policy, ordered a copy of 'Working together to Safeguard children: A guide ....' (ordered from DfES) which is the document that I believe has caused all the changes.


I have also referred to the Local Safeguarding Children Board in the policy who replace Area protection committees (or something like that).


Apart from that, the policy is the same until notified otherwise.


Up to my eyeballs in paperwork, right now would feel like telling Ofsted to take a running jump if it's wrong as I feel like I have spent the best part of my HALF TERM HOLIDAY on paperwork, unpaid, and still have loads to do.


Instincts tells me to take a break, step away from the computer!!!

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It is basically your child protection policy updated to be called safeguarding children. You seem to have done everything you need to-does your policy also include what you would do if an accusation was made against a member of staff? Do you also refer to "Children in need"-which is not the television appeal!! I was told it was imperative that you refer to this-I think I have posted ours somewhere on here before-I will try to find it for you.


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Thank you so much Linda, that's brilliant. If only I had typed child protection policy into the forum search earlier in the week and not safeguarding children I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.


We have a procedure for allegations against a member of staff. All I need now is the telephone number of our local safeguarding children board.


Maz - I'm sure I'm not alone! Now where's that glass of wine - much deserved I feel!


Have a good weekend everyone!

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I was literally in the process of updating our child protection policy to 'safeguarding children' when OFSTEd arrived! I explained it was in the final stages of being updated and the inspector made no comment other than she wanted to see it when she returned the next day.


I spent all evening finishing it and the next day got 'brownie points' from the INspector because I had included the contact telephone numbers for the police and social care direct. The inspector was also pleased I had included (amongst others) the Childcare Act (2006) Every Child Matters (2004) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the 'Legal framework' part. I also named the Safeguarding of Children Co-ordinator (SOCCO) and was told by the inspector that this along with phone numbers is essential!

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Just re read your message Deb about the phone number.


If you type 'xxxx safeguarding children board' into google with your county instead of xxxx it should come up.


If all areas are the same I think you will find that you do not phone them if you have a concern but contact Social Care. Well it has changed from Social services to Social Care Direct in my area but not sure if this is a nationwide change. The guidance on my local Safeguarding children board is very clear and gives the relevant contact numbers during working hours and for weekends/bank holidays etc


Good luck with the hunt :o

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Hi Geraldine


Many thanks for your reply. We have the telephone numbers of the police and social services, and I will now add all the relevant legislation thank you.


Regarding Dorset's LSCB telephone number, I did as you suggest and typed in Dorset ..... but didn't get any different information than I have scoured for the past couple of days for a telephone number. I know who is on the board and can view their minutes etc. Maybe I just can't see the wood for the trees.


Does anybody in Dorset have the number?


Shouldn't be this difficult to find something so important, I am computer literate. Can only assume they don't want us to contact them. Just contact social services.


Have downloaded flow charts from their local plan showing the routes taken should a case be suspected. Hopefully that will do.


Thanks for your help.

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The inspector was also pleased I had included (amongst others) the Childcare Act (2006) Every Child Matters (2004) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the 'Legal framework' part.

Geraldine is there any chance you can post this section of your policy for me to use please i have tried to find the various acts and it is taking me ages, this would be a great help if you would not mind. Star

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Happy to help :o



Safeguarding Children / Child Protection Policy and Procedures.

Standard 13

The registered person complies with local safeguarding children procedures approved by the Local Safeguarding Children Board and ensures that all adults working and looking after children in the provision are able to put procedures into practice.



The xxxxxx Pre-school is committed to safeguarding all children and operates in ways which promote good practice at all times. All staff recognise their moral and legal responsibilities to protecting the rights of children and safeguarding them from all forms of abuse. The xxx Pre-school acknowledges the need to provide and maintain a high degree of physical and mental well-being for all children. Staff share the belief that the welfare of all children is paramount and that every child has an equal right to be safeguarded from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse whatever their age, culture, ability or disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.


We comply with the ‘Set Procedures’ detailed in ‘Joint Child Protection Procedures’ (2006) and approved by the Local Safeguarding Children Board. We intend to create in our pre-school an environment in which children are safe from abuse and where any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to.


The legal framework is:

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974)

Children’s Act (2004)

Every Child Matters (2004)

Data Protection Act (1984)

Childcare Act (2006)

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1992)



Others may have additional legislation included but the above was okayed by OFSTED in March but then again inspectors are a law unto themselves sometimes!!

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HI Deb


I may be very wrong here but my understanding is that we do not actually contact the LSCB directly. Their job is to coordinate all the services/agencies involved in safeguarding children. I do not have a phone number for the actual board themselves and should we need to refer a concern beyond our setting it is the social care/police we notify depending on the situation.


I think (but again could be wrong!) that LSCB's may vary slightly. My area used to have a 'blue book' which was our 'bible' and was provided by the then Area Child Protection Committe but I know other areas had similar things with different names. For me it is now the joint child protection procedures that has been endorsed by my LSCB. We were notified in 2006 to destroy the 'blue book' and follow the new publication.


Sorry if this is waffle I set out to try and help but this suddenly reads like gobbledegook!!!!

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I may be very wrong here but my understanding is that we do not actually contact the LSCB directly


I'm sure you're right Geraldine, we do have to contact Social Services not the LSCB. Just thought you had LSCB number too, my mistake.


Thanks from me too for all the legal frameworks.

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