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Im hoping someone can help, Ive got an advent 7088 with a li-ion battery, had it for just under a year and use it everyday for most of the day and mostly plugged in.


A few weeks ago i was trying to get the weight of my laptop bag down so i stupidly bought a new multi-purpose adaptor to keep in work and leave the original one here at home, and mis-read the voltage, it was lower than the original lead and when i plugged it into the laptop nothing happened. However when i plugged the original lead back in, it didnt allow the power through. When the battery drained though, it did start charging.


This has been happening ever since, sometime when charging in stead of showing the ac power icon it shows the battery icon even though it is charging.


Im quite good with computers really, but this has me stumped, is it the battery connectors are broke because of what i did, or just coincidence and the wires are finally tired of being wrapped up in my bag or tripped on, or the battery has given up?


Ive had a look online and what ive read makes no sense, and i certainly dont have money to burn in trying all the options.


I would be really grateful of any ideas. Ali. x

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I can't answer your question but when my laptop just kept shutting down I thought it was to do with the battery, )which wouldn't charge very well), so I took it back to the shop I bought it in ( Staples) they did a quick diognostic but couldn't help really except to say to send it off to the manufacturers. It turned out to be the fan was clogged up, cost £40 to repair. Because the fan wasn't working it was over heating and a safety switch turned the computor off.


I know this is not your problem but just to say take it to the retailer, if you can and maybe they can help or can get it sent off and ask for a quote before they repair.


Good luck


MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL BACK UP ALL YOUR WORK NOW ( If you haven't done already)



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how odd i have a dell, today it works with power adapter plugged in but will not charge battery :o

That'll be the poor machine's response to overwork, I'd say!


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