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How do you have your setting laid out? In the 6 areas of learning, the different uses as in the early excellance centre? the different types of play i.e role play, small world, construction, messy etc...

We are trying our best to make the room as appealing and manageable as possible, its not easy as we have to accomodate the out of school children later on too, but we are trying to ensure that the areas are managable, the sections can be overseen maintaining the ratios as much as possible, and that they are effective in encouraging the children to explore the setting and equipment naturally.


I am probably making it harder than it needs to be but im on a mission to make things easier in the long run. :)

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We have our settings layed out within the different areas e.g creative, construction e.t.c. this works for us but I am sure others will come along with some fantastic suggestions that will make me want to change our areas next week!!

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In my setting, we are fortunate in that the foundation stage unit is divided into three main rooms. There is a room for role play (3 areas), musical instruments and construction equipment, there is the messy room, where we carry out creative and malleable activities as well as sand and water, then there is the room designated for maths and literacy. Knowledge and understanding kind of interlinks throughout all of the rooms, although there is a specific area in the messy room for 'discovering'.


At one of our other settings, the foundation stage unit is divided over two floors. The bottom floor is dedicated to messy/creative activities, literacy, water and construction. The top floor is dedicated to investigations, role play areas (2) and maths.


Don't suppose that is of much help, though sorry!

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Lucky you Clare to have all that space!


We have one largish room and the main areas we have divided the room into by use of shelves are : Language, Maths, Creative/malleable/Water, Music, Role play, Construction & small world - we have a separate library/quiet room. We have a current interest table and a long shelf which holds a range of natural objects/children's found objects and sensorial objects for exploration. We also have an 'open space' where children dance/create train tracks/roadways/brick play/floor puzzles etc.

We have tried to support as many of these areas outside also.


We're continually looking to improve what we have and look forward to reading how other people's settings are 'set up'

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In all fairness, my current setting is quite large, but the rooms can only have up tp 8 or 9 children at any one time. The children are rotated throughout the day as they are divided into 3 groups. Each groups starts off in a different room and I get to see all of the children over the space of the day.


However, now the weather has brightened up, we do spend a great edal of time outdoors with the children. The garden is also split into areas although some of them differ from the indoor areas. The children who do not sleep go into the garden and then as the sleepers wake, they too go out. So from about 12:45 until 3:30 (tea) we are literally in the garden with the children, plus they have a shorter morning session out there.


By the way Dasher, I'm not sure if I've already welcomed you, but if not, Welcome! :o

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we are aranged into construction, small world, transport, writing, role play, messy play, book area and lots of outside walks.

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Wow Clare I am envious!


We broadly have :


Communication and language - carpet area with book corner, listening centre, computer and interest/KUW table to promote talk- we also have story/carpet time here.




writing/mark making/ creative


role play


small world/construction


physical play (climbing frame at the mo)/music






Because of room size we don't always have everything out all of the time e.g. we will have maybe water and compost but no sand or sand and gloop but no water etc. We rotate it so that we have had equal time over the term for them all.




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We are in a large hall with a smaller annexe attached, which has folding doors that open all the way.


At the moment we have: -


In the hall - Sand tray, water tray, construction mat, small world mat, jigsaw table, table top games/activities table, snack bar table, story corner, music corner, large space for physical apparatus, easel/blackboard, dressing up clothes


In the annexe - Creative table, sensory/malleable table, writing table, computer and role play area

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Thanks Everyone, we all seem to do pretty much the same as far as possible.


Welcome Dasher :)


Elfy, the early excellance divide the room into:

  • Listening
  • Mark making
  • sand
  • water
  • large construction
  • small construction
  • workshop
  • dough area
  • roleplay- split as in a house, kitchen, dining and a bedroom
  • maths

(think ive missed one or two :( )


There are books scattered around all areas specific to the type of learning in that area, small world play is also in all areas, there are interest tables all around with music as one. There are lots of misc material and naturel stuff in the large construction and maps and cardboard roads in the small construction, the maths area also has ribbons, decorative boxes in all sizes and real life number lines, e.g. row of x number of animals.


This is basically how we have arranged our room, although we have kept a small world play area due to lacking resources for them to be in all areas, and waiting on new furniture also.


They have their own shop with furniture and storage solutions which they use throughout, and you can buy everything they use in there too, even laminated instructions and info! Very expensive though.



I think im overthinking this, as ive seen lots of lovely layouts in catalogues, but its never the same in reality, and of course with a multi-use room like many of us have, the afterschool children are a lot bigger, and dont quite fit into the areas as comfortably as the little ones :o


Not sure how to solve this one, except to hope for good weather and keep them all outside xD

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Guest Wolfie

Do you mean the one in Huddersfield? If so, then yes anyone can go - there are lots of training courses run there so I think a lot of people combine a trip for training with a visit to the Centre as a whole.


I've just noticed where you're from Shelley, that would be a L-O-N-G day trip for you wouldn't it?! If you come via the West Midlands...which you probably wouldn't....you could pick me up and we could go together! It really is a very worthwhile place to visit if you ever get the chance - the sort of place that leaves you coming away feeling inspired!

Edited by Wolfie
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Ha ha, well, you might have started something there! xD


I was on a "Lets change everthing" high when i came back, but now ive come back down to earth, unless we bought the same furniture, its just not possible or practical to do what they have done.


You cant take photos and they dont show the set up on the website, but if you do manage to go, make sure you pick up a copy of the furniture brochure, as it has some pics in there. You can take note though, which we all did, about the areas and how they had them, and ideas for how to display , and what went together.


Its very expensive in the shop and VAT is not included in the price you see. Theres so much to see, but im sure everyone can find most things cheaper, but its hard not to buy anything at all when you are in there.


If you know anyone with one of those button hole cameras you might want to be very nice to them :o


And theres a nice eating area for a coffee and some cake, or even lunch if you feel like it. Its a really good place for inspiration and well worth a look.

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