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This is Harry. About 12 weeks old but thats a guess until we get him to the vets. Another waif and stray I couldnt say No to.

My cousin works with Social services. They'd gone to take some children into care and my cousin saw 4 kittens who looked as badly off as the children. The mother didnt want them so my cousin took them home.

The other 2 cats arent at all impressed but they'll come round. He's so lovely :D


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Guest Wolfie

Ahhh, he's lovely! I can't say no to cats either. We "fostered" a mum and six newborn kittens who were found under a garden shed last year - there was no way we were keeping any because we already had three cats of our own....but the runt of the litter was SOOOOO sweet that we couldn't let him go! And he's called Runty! Except when he goes to the vets, where his "official" name is Alfie, I couldn't let them call out "Runty", he'd get a complex! :o

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Ahhh he's so cute Rea and he looks so happy and so contented in that picture i remember when we got our new kitten she is called ozi and she was so tiny she took to sleeping insise my shoe it was really sweet. She has since graduated to her own little pink bed (yes im afraid she's rather pampered) x

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:) Good for you Rea. I spent ages convincing my better half that we needed a cat. Our cat Benji is a year old in human terms tomorrow- I want another so am trying to convince my man we should visit the cats protection place in our area :)
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Guest MaryEMac

He's sooo sweet, Rea.

I'd love another cat but we live on the main road through the village and our last cat was killed just outside the house so it's not an option I'm afraid. :o

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