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Don't know if anyone can help me or not , would anyone be able to post on here the way they plan for the stepping stones ??? I just think at our playgroup we are making it very complicated and hard work when really it could be much simpler.

We have tried various ways which never seem to quite work.

Do any of you have 'ongoing goals' When I posted on a different site no one knew what I meant by ongoing goals but our playgroup insist we have them.

By ongoing I mean stepping stones that you look at all the time.

We have stepping stones that we highlight and date and some that we have to highlight and write a comment about. I think this is going to mean that we're going to have two books to fill in as we are seperating the ongoings from the others , does that make sense ?????

I personally find it much easier to observe the children and look out for the stepping stones that they are achieving. Although I do appreciate that some have to be planned for.

Who does the majority of the planning in your group. Do you all do it as a group or is it the supervisor ???

I am tired of getting used to one system and then it changing.

Do you all have your stepping stones in a form of a written book because I have seen examples of using for example flowers , jigsaw puzzle pieces and a caterpillar with simplified stepping stones written on them and they are just marked off when the child achieves them.

Do you all write comments for the stepping stones ??

Sorry to ask so many questions so early in the morning but I really need your help.

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xD Hi Hotgoss, yes we use pictures to report development ie caterpillar, puzzle shape, scissor shape (for scissor skills), butterfly, flower, house etc.


We also write up small comment where the child was (activity) language used if any, what was observed and the stepping stones are taken out of the foundation stage profile but not all of them, alot of them repeat themselves.


When i attended the Record of Achievement seminar, i took a blank copy of childrens profile folder with me, i asked our Foundation Stage Advisory teacher to look at and criticise, she couldnt believe the amount of work we were doing and gave advice to downsize which iam doing for september children!!! this will cross reference with new transfer forms from record of acheivement.



We also write comments on post it notes from emergent observation, photos from documentation etc


hope you can understand this!!!! :o


I too have changed this over the years and hopefully now i will be happy with the new

profiles !!!!

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I too keep changing the way I do my paperwork in an effort to cut down on the workload. I'm sure the best way is to keep it simple. The pictures sound like a great idea.................mmm back to the drawing board again!! :o

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Hi Hotgrass


we have IPPS for our children with all stepping stones listed, then we do so many over a 1/2 term to do very simple obsevations on then highlight stepping stone and date achieved.


our inspector said our system was great and we were showing progression.

If you want more detail let me know. :D

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Another question although I think I know the answer. Do you observe then get your stepping stones out of the observation , or decide on a stepping stone and then observe the child to see if they achieve it . Do you think observations are important regarding the stepping stones.

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