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We have a basic treasure basket and wanted to extend it a bit as it was one of the babies/childrens favourite activities. We went to the pound shop and bought lots of things that were silver and shiny - storage pots, different sized spoons, egg cups, silver christmas beads etc and we put them all in the tuff spot. It was the most popular thing we have done in a long time and we are currently collecting things for a wooden one. (have attached a photo ). I am sure you could put them in a basket and it would have the same effect. We have also bought mug trees/kitchen roll holders and wooden curtain rings and they love hooking them on and over etc. Hair bobbles are good for this too. Another favourite is old cd's and a cd rack. They spend hours slotting them in.


Hope that helps



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I have discovered a fab shop called Home Bargains - anyone else got one? Bit like a £ shop but better! I picked up some of those bags of wicker balls (are they for flower arranging?) for £ a bag, a pack of leave veins and am really inspired now, especially seeing your photo!

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Guest Wolfie

We've got a couple of shops called Au Naturale near us that are good for those kind of bargains too!

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You can buy dried out fruit, like oranges, which add a different angle to the baskets. My colleague puts pot pourri in silk bags so that there is a tactile feel to the bags, but they also have a smell to them too.


You might want to have a look at this Little Book or Developing Play.


I haven't seen the first book, but would highly recommend the second one.

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