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Classical Music In Baby Room/setting


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We are looking to introduce some classical music into the rooms in our setting, especially in the baby room. Does anyone have any reccomendations or know of any sites I could look at.


My classical music knowledge is sadly very limited!! :D


Thanks, Candy

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How about Bach's cello suites. Nice, deep, steady and thrummy (is that a word or did I just make it up?).


Cello music generally is nice (perhaps showing some bias here as my son is a cellist...).


Oh - except Apocalyptica. Don't be fooled by them. Cello music yes, kind of. Suitable for the baby room - no!


Any flute music should go down well.

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baby einstein do some lovely cd's they are called concerts for little ears and include Bach, Beethoven, Mozart they are lovely

also classic fm for babies is a lovely cd

i also go a cd from ebay called music for playrooms which the children just love

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