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Hi -

A forthcoming topic at my pre-school is 'Looking after baby' I need ideas for rhymes and songs for the children in my group to sing ABOUT babies, not to the babies. :o





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When Susie's eating custard,

She gets it everywhere,

Down her bib,

Up her nose,

All over her high chair,

She pokes it with her fingers,

She spreads it in her hair,

When Susie's eating custard,

She gets it everywhere


If you add actions and change the name Susie to the names of children you teach, they will love it...it's worked a treat with every class I've had. You could also change the food to children's suggestions to extend it..get them to think of something messy!

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When I was a baby

(Action rhyme)


When I was a baby

My family cared for me.

They fed me and they dressed me

And rocked me carefully.

Now that I am older

And go to school each day,

I feed myself and dress myself,

I study and I play.



Rock-a-bye, baby

(Song... lullaby)


Baby is drowsing,

Cosy and fair;

Mother sits near

In her rocking chair.

Forward and back

The cradle she swings

And though baby sleeps

He hears what she sings.


From the high rooftops,

Down to the sea,

No one's as dear

As baby to me.

Wee little fingers,

Eyes wide and bright,

Now sound asleep

Until morning light.


This last one can be used to tell the children how mum cuddles her baby, how soft songs help babies... so 'about' baby instead 'to' the baby. They will end up singing it in the role-play area :o .

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