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How do you plan for the KUW ELGs:


'Observe, find out about and identify features in the place they live and the natural world'




'Find out about their environment, and talk about those features they like and dislike'.


I never feel I do those very well.

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Look at photos/pics of houses and talk about their features.

Talk about children's own homes. What they're like, where are they, addresses, what sort of house? (detached, semi, terrace etc)

If any building work is going on nearby - keep a photos diary of changes - visit if possible (making sure you have plenty of helpers and have filled in your risk assessment!!)

Introduce relevant vocabulary - house, bungalow, church, mosque, city, town, village etc.

Purpose and use of different rooms and furniture you'd find in them.

Sort pictures according to the room items would be used in.

Sort and arrange the furniture in the dolls house.

Play at moving house with boxes to pack and unpack.

Create simple maps and plans.

Use storieswith different settings - living in a city, on a farm, by the sea, in a tower block, on a canal boat.

Explore roles that take plance in different places, eg. school, library, supermarket.

Make a book of photos about their area.

Observational drawings of natural world - plants, flowers, trees.


Keep a weather chart with symbols - reinforce vocab of weather.

Stories about different kinds of weather.

Intro vocab - hill, road, bridge, park, town, beach, river etc.

Seasonal activities - collecting autumn fruits, leaf rubbing, planting bulbs etc. drawing attention to seasonal changes.

Go on walks at different times of the year and observe/photograph changes.

Follow a photo trail around the school/local area.

Talk about what the children pass on the way to school.

Make a street in the outside area - traffic lights, road, zebra crossing, postbox, traffic signs.

Use small world resources - train set, airport, garage to discuss transport and travel.

Use sand and water trays to create imaginary environments.

Make models of houses, castles, farms.

Encourage children to express opinion about environment - play areas, road safety, shops.

Ask children to make suggestions for improving the playground etc.

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great list harricroft, and it shows that these S.S's are continuous, not something you plan as a one off, so to speak. Often open to drop all other planning to exploit unplanned events, such as snowing, a new building site, lambing, etc.

We go for walks everyday, ( lucky, quiet estate with many routes to and from the setting, local park, beach and shops) We either walk and see what is new or do specific planned focus, ie: a number walk, looking out for where numbers are displayed and taking photo's.

We are currently doing a large interactive display of our local area, model houses, photo's of children on bikes bluetacked to road ( they can move the figures around the display). It's building up over the last few weeks and will continue right up to end of term, adding features as the ideas present themselves to us and the children. :D



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I use a big dice with pockets on each side. In these I put photos of various parts of the nursery, we roll it and the children have to direct me to the right place. You can make the photos as simple or obscure as you need. :D



Unfortunatly they've recently had building work and decorating done xD

Thank goodness for digital cameras :o

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We find that these are actually achieved during walks/visits/outdoors and dont really plan for them as such. As Peggy says we have made large 3D pictures of the village and the children are always eager to say what they like and what they dont and to point out where different things are in relationship to their home of school.


The list Harricroft added is part of our new long term planning.

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I also find that the RE syllabus that we follow in Warwickshire (also a C of E school) helps focus our planning for these areas- if you want any ideas (not sure how to link) then look at Warwickshire grid for learning/ FS/ RE

Hope this helps or that you might find something useful on the Warwickshire website.



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Peggy....A BEACH! How wonderful! I think that would have to be top of my wish list for nursery resources! :D

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Peggy....A BEACH! How wonderful! I think that would have to be top of my wish lost for nursery resources! :D



We are very lucky with our location :D Mind you top of my wish list would be like another member of the forum ( sorry name eveades me at present) who's preschool is located in a ZOO :D



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