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Year 3, Learning And Play


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hi everyone,


i have to do an essay titled "once children reach year three the emphasis should be on learning and not on play". can any one provide me with any information or policies/books, etc that would be helpful. not sure where to start.


thanks x rosie x

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thankyou. im a trainee teacher, focusing on early years and have found that play is so important and also believe it is vital for older children but just need to search for information that can help me argue it. thanks x x x

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Gosh, what a pity you cant use every day evidence. Right now my 14 yr old is in the garden 'playing' in the snow and my 16 yr old along with 14 friends is in the park, also 'playing'.

Good luck with your studies :D



Pyjamer top, summer trousers and school shoes, but hey, he likes being individual :o


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Gosh I am 30, play most days for my job and learn more and more each day. When we get something new at home I always play around with it and never read instructions.

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your son look like he's having a brilliant time in the snow. Its hardly settled where I live but im sure my 12 year old would love to be out there playing in the snow. When we as adults think back to happy childhood memories they are often outdoor experiences related to play. Mine is playing out in the street till late (7.30pm seemed like midnight at the time) playing tig, elastic or curbie. Those were the days.

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I know tig and elastics but curbie? :o It rings a bell, but cant remember it. :D


When I was 14/15 I can firmly remember crawling through the long grass on the fields opposite our house just before haymaking , playing army with friends. When the hay was baled we moved the bales around to make dens and carried on playimg army. And I was out then till 10 O Clock :D

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Love the picture Rea. Ah those were the days.... ony a sprinkling of snow here, like a dust of icing sugar xD


As Marion and everyone has said play is learning, all creatures play. The David Attenborough programmes are so good for demonstrating how young animals play to learn to survive, think of the lion cubs jumping on their mothers tails or fighting with their siblings. Play equals learning, it is a serious business. There are different kinds of play but all the exploring that is part of play would be part of learning at any age. The kind of didactic teaching that can take over does not always allow children to discover, learn and internalise learning, or give them the confidence to have a go. All those wonderful discoveries from people like Einstein, Da Vinci, Bell, or artists, designers, engineers, writers and everyone, would never have been if they hadn't played with ideas and engaged their imaginations to go one step further. We all play but don't necessarily recognise it as play, and play can be a dirty word for some people- we know better :o

What good practitioners do is plan well, allow the play to happen, and use it wisely to extend learning. With Y3 play would be planned for and extended at an appropriate level, they should be able to amaze with good planning and teaching. I love that Vygotsky quote,


" In their play children project themselves into the adult activites of their culture and rehearse their future roles and values. Thus play is in advance of development, for in this manner children begin to acquire the motivation, skills and attitudes necessary for their social participation, which can be fully acheived only with the assistance of their peers and elders. '

( Vygotsky 1978 Mind and Society)

That quote could be your starting point.

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I found what looks a good site about play and some really interesting quotes



Play is our brain's favorite way of learning.

Diane Ackerman

Contemporary American author


Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Contemporary American scholar


People tend to forget that play is serious.

David Hockney

Contemporary British painter


Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury.

Play is a necessity.

Kay Redfield Jamison

Contemporary American professor of psychiatry


Do not…keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.


Greek philosopher

427-347 BCE

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Guest flutter

I recommend books by -


Tassoni, Penny and Hucker, K. (1999) 'Planning Play and the Early Years'.


Moyles, J. 'The Excellence of Play'


Bilton, H. (2002) 'Outdoor Play in the Early Years'


Hope these might help. I used them to help with my dissertation on Outdoor Play.

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