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Write Dance - Nursery?


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We have been recommended to introduce 'write dance' to use with our 3-5 year old children. When I looked on Amazon I noticed that there were two resources. One was considerably much more expensive than the other.


Have any of you had any experience of Write dance?

If so, where did you purchase your resource from?

Any pointers??!!


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keen to get started - it is meant to be fantastic!!

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You need the Write Dance for nursery version the other covers the whole of the primary age thats why it costs more. I bought mine from Amazon only because it was quicker delivery time than the publisher offered




They have now published More Write Dance but again this is aimed at 4-8 year olds

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Write Dance is a whole body physical development programme rather than a handwriting scheme so isn't intended to teach letter formation that you would find in school.

The write dance for nursery book is about developing children's physically to prepare them for writing. for example the first piece is about building a sand castle on the beach. Its a series of stories /music /actions using lots of big movements

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I do write dance (nursery) and the children love it. I have yet to see if it helps to develop later handwriting as ive only been using it since Christmas. My biggest problem is the management of it as it requires a lot of space. I have made chalk boards in A2 size for the children to use, I felt anything smaller just wasn't big enough. Id love to hear how others manage it how often you do it, whether you do groups (Ive resorted to groups as doing the whole class on my own was really tough going)


I have found that the children are very much looser than when they started. At the beginning they hunched up and moved just from their hands with their arms very stiff. Now they have loosened up they use their whole arms and bodies more.


Somewhere I have some photos..I will see if I can locate them

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